• ​​​If your question is about the assessed valuation of your property, we must refer you to your Township Assessor (all initial valuation in Kane County is done at the Township Level); please visit the township assessors​ list​ for a directory of Township Assessors.
  • If your question is about your property tax bill, we must refer you to the Kane County Treasurer, who administers all tax bills in Kane County; please visit the Kane County Treasurer's website​.
  • ​If your questio​n is about property tax rates, redemption of unpaid property taxes, or the proration of property tax levies in the Elgin area, we must refer you to the Kane County Clerk's Tax Extension Department, which administers these issues​.
  • Please DO NOT upload assessment complaints through this portal, they will not be accepted.  They must be mailed or dropped off on or before the filing deadline for that township.  Filing deadlines can be found here​.